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Webinar: More than the sum of its parts: Maximising partnership value creation

Partnering is an essential human instinct. We partner because we feel that by aligning and combining our resources with others, we can achieve more than we ever could alone. That is why partnering is at the very heart of the Sustainable Development Goals and a driving force in disaster preparedness, resilience and humanitarian action.

But what is the alchemy of partnering that can create this extra value? How is it that aligning or combining resources and competencies can result in more than the sum-of-the-parts? And how can we measure this  Collaborative Advantage’?

To date, partnership value creation has been poorly defined and understood, contributing to too many partnerships delivering sub-optimally or struggling to provide sufficient evidence of additional impact.

In our recent webinar, experienced practitioners from across the sectors discussed TPI’s new framework (developed with World Vision) and guidebook (with UNDESA) that allows systematic examination and maximisation of partnership value creation:
•  the extra power intrinsic to partnership;
•  the additional impact partnerships can deliver; and
•  the value generated for all partners

For more information on TPI’s value framework and the collaborative advantage of partnerships, download the guidebook on maximising the value of partnerships.

Introduction to The Partnering Initiative Darian Stibbe, The Partnering Initiative
Setting the scene Ola Goransson, UNDESA
The Value Creation Framework Darian Stibbe, The Partnering Initiative
Partnership example: World Vision ‘It takes a world’ Ian de Villiers, World Vision
Partnership example: Pearson and Save the Children Amanda Gardiner, Pearson
Partnership example: Unicef and GSMA Amaya Gorostiaga and Uwe Steckhan, Unicef
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