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Certificate in Partnering Practice

TPI provides a standards-based certificate to demonstrate partnering capability.


The Certificate in Partnering Practice (CPP) is for participants of any training course run by The Partnering Initiative (TPI) who wish to extend their training through self-reflective learning, receive direct feedback from TPI on their partnering, and receive a standards-based certification. 

The Certificate is obtained through undertaking research and/or reflection to demonstrate the course participant’s knowledge and application of learning to a real world situation. Participants initially provide an outline of their essay to TPI to ensure that it will provide sufficient demonstration of knowledge.

The research is undertaken and the essay is assessed by TPI experts. If it reaches the necessary level, the participant is awarded the Certificate. Support and advice on their partnering is offered to all participants undertaking the certification.

Essay Options

Reflective essay
If you choose this option, your reflective essay should take the key concepts, skills and frameworks from the course, and demonstrate how these apply to your own partnership context. The essay should take a critical, analytical approach, reflecting on the challenges and strengths of the partnership, your own role within it (if applicable), and the good practice from the partnership training that could be applied to it. 

Partnership plan
This option involves developing a plan for a specific existing or prospective partnership. The assignment should analyse the current situation, reflect, and develop a plan for taking it forward. 

Certification process and timing

Participants should submit their final essay within six months of attending a training course, or registering for the Certificate. The assignment outline is due within 1 month of registration.  

For further information on the process of Certification, please see the full guidelines.

Registering for the Certificate

You can register for the Certificate when you register on Eventbrite to attend a training course, or after you have attended. The fee for submission is $450 (USD) or £350 (GBP). 

If you have already attended a course and you wish to register for the CPP, please use the link below. 

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