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About TPI

The Partnering Initiative (TPI) was initiated in 2003 with the passionate belief that only through systematic, effective collaboration among business, government, NGOs, the UN, foundations and others can the world achieve a collective, all-of-society vision of thriving societies underpinned by a prosperous economy and a healthy environment. 

With roots going back to 1990, TPI is the world’s longest-established organisation dedicated to achieving that vision. Internationally recognised as a pioneer of the field, TPI works to develop standards for professional partnering and build the capacities and supportive structures to unleash the power of partnership to deliver transformational sustainable development.

TPI uniquely spans a spectrum of influence from the highest levels of international policy at the UN through to practice with partnering managers on the frontline. Our foundational concepts, frameworks and tools have helped to shape and define the field of multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Our history

TPI was itself originally a partnership between the University of Cambridge and the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), combining the University’s rigorous academic research and teaching with the highly practical experiences of IBLF in building public-private partnerships for development. The current organisation was founded as an independent charity in 2013 by Executive Director, Darian Stibbe, to build on the pioneering work, and take it to the next level in terms of scale and impact.

What we do

Through our programmes of action research, we systematise the essential processes of partnering and develop reference standards and practical tools to help all sectors identify new opportunities, learn how to collaborate and implement effective partnerships.

Our training and capacity-building programmes promote new standards of professional partnering practice and build the skills of practitioners around the world.

The strategic advice and support we provide to leading international companies, development agencies, foundations, governments, and international NGOs helps them rethink and adjust their approaches to become ‘fit for partnering’ and fully harness the power of partnership to support their missions.

The services we provide directly to partnerships help a wide range of collaborations to transform into strong, efficient and highly effective mechanisms that are yielding benefits well beyond their original objectives.

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