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Services and training

For over a decade, TPI has been working extensively with companies, international NGOs, the UN system, global consortia, governments and donors, to build a suite of professional competency building, institutional strategy and capacity, and partnership support services to ensure that all sectors of society can realize and maximize the benefits from strong, innovative and effective collaboration.

Our training and capacity building programmes build a set of skills that are essential for effective partnering. Our open course, Effective Partnering for Sustainable Development, is currently offered as a facilitated online training. We also provide tailored training for individual organisations or partnerships. Both forms of training can be followed by the optional Certificate in Partnering Practice for those wishing to extend their training. 

We offer strategic support to individual organisations: assessing the degree to which they are fit for partnering or have the organizational capability to partner, supporting the development of partnering strategies, providing tailored training and guidebooks, and the option of a partnership portfolio review. Increasingly, our work with organisations is takes the form of a collaborative, longer term, accompanying partner approach.

TPI supports partnerships at all stages to help them deliver the highest levels of innovation and impact: from scoping and facilitating a partnership, undertaking evaluation and review, troubleshooting challenging collaborations, providing expert secretariat services and the guidance of example case studies. 

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