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Fit for Partnering webinar


The delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires an unparalleled level of collaborative action across sectors. The types of innovative, systemic collaboration required go well beyond the typical transactional approach organisations are most familiar with.

Many organisations are finding they are not set up and operating optimally to be able to deliver on the partnering rhetoric: their systems, processes and legal agreements aren’t geared towards the complex and flexible arrangements required to collaborate; their partnering efforts lose traction or waste resources through being too ad-hoc and opportunistic; they don’t have suitable legal agreements or ways to assess the strategic value of a potential collaboration; their staff may not have sufficient understanding of other sectors or the right set of partnering competencies and skills; or a culture that simply doesn’t encourage collaborative approaches.

So how can your organisation become institutionally ‘fit for partnering’ and take full advantage of collaboration to deliver greater impact? What steps can you take to build your organisation to be a partnering powerhouse?

In this webinar, colleagues from World Vision, Care International and the World Food Programme shared their experiences building their organisations’ institutional capability to partner effectively and become ‘partner of choice’.

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