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Working towards more effective consortia

Findings from UK Aid Connect consortia health checks

This report shares the findings of the Learning from Consortia programme’s health check process, identifying the areas that consortia were working well in, and where they needed support. It also draws out some overarching key findings, and explores how consortia used the results.

The health check was designed to help UK Aid Connect consortia monitor the health and efficiency of their setup, relationships, operations and processes, and was part of the support being offered through the Learning from Consortia programme. It focused on four key areas of effective multi-stakeholder collaboration: fundamentals and foundation, relationship and culture, structure and setup, and management and leadership.

The process provided a great deal of data about effective collaboration from the UK Aid Connect consortia, which were performing well in many areas despite challenging external factors such as Covid-19 and funding uncertainty.

If you would like to conduct a consortium health check, download the Learning from Consortia programme’s health check survey.

To find out more about running a health check, contact:

This report has been produced as part of the Learning from Consortia programme.

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