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TPI’s theory of change has been developed over time through research, experience and learning. Drawing on examinations of others’ collaborations, unpicking the challenges individuals and organisations experience, as well as our own work in partnership has shaped our thinking.

The core of TPI’s theory of change is that to scale up the use of partnerships, the following enablers must be in place:

  1. Individuals who have the right partnership competencies to be able to build effective partnerships. This includes the appropriate mindset, understanding of other sectors, human relationship skills and technical partnership knowledge
  2. Organisations must be ‘fit for partnering’ with the right leadership and strategy, systems and process, staff competencies and support, and the right culture in place, in order to partner with excellence
  3. Partnerships that are set up to follow best practice to maximise their chances of delivering impact
  4. An ‘infrastructure’ that can systematically convene different societal sectors and broker collaboration for widespread action. By convening a set of stakeholders of all kinds – whether organisations, initiatives, platforms, individual consultants – that can together garner the necessary support, catalysis, systems leadership and capacity building can drive transformative change.
  5. An international and national culture of policy that encourages and supports the use of collaboration and, in the case of government, the regulations and legislation that allows governments to enter and support partnership approaches.

TPI’s activities contribute directly or indirectly towards these five enablers.


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Delivery interconnections

Supporting our theory of change are our three interconnected levels:

  • Services and Training: we offer an ‘off the shelf’ open course for individuals as well as bespoke training for organisations tailored to their precise needs (link to relevant page)
  • Pathfinder Programmes: we conduct longer term, cutting-edge research and practice programmes to develop the very latest theory and good practice on specific partnering issues and topics (link to relevant page)
  • Global Impact Initiatives: we lead long term initiatives with other partners taking proven approaches and delivering them at significant scale (link to relevant page)



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