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Interpersonal alchemy: Mastering relationships for impact

15-hour course for people from all sectors to build the skills to effectively manage professional relationships.

Course introduction

In today’s interconnected world, the ability to create and cultivate meaningful relationships is an essential professional competence. Developing authentic connections is the key that unlocks a world of collaboration and impact – whether with your team, with your boss, or with your partners.

This comprehensive course will provide you with a proven framework for mastering the dynamics of professional human relationships from the ground up. Through an engaging mixture of theory, real-world examples, and practical exercises, you’ll gain deep insights into what drives human behaviour in professional relationships.

You’ll learn strategies for building rapport and trust quickly by understanding the psychology and nuances of interpersonal communication. Discover how to navigate diverse cultures, personalities, perspectives, and potential conflicts with emotional intelligence. Enhance your ability to truly listen, forge stronger empathy, and have a greater positive impact.

From initiating new relationships to breathing new life into established ones, you’ll walk away with the mindsets and skill sets to become a “relationship master.” Leverage the power of your network, expand your spheres of influence, and thrive in any situation that requires you to connect with others meaningfully.

Whether you lead teams, negotiate deals, collaborate cross-functionally or simply wish to nurture your professional relationships more deeply, this comprehensive curriculum will equip you with relationship-building capabilities that last a lifetime.

Course outline

Five virtual seminars (each lasting 2.5 hours) via Zoom with virtual interactive tools; 

  • Understanding people: types, traits, egos and incentives
  • How to work across cultures: organisational & societal
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships: the complex dynamic mix of trust, power& equity, respect, and affinity.
  • Collaborative leadership & decision making
  • Influencing without power: how to influence internally (horizontally and to management)
  • Dealing with conflict and challenges: when things go wrong, having difficult conversations, dealing with naysayers!
  • Effective negotiation: reaching a WIN-WIN outcome and maximising value.

Each seminar is complemented by assignments for participants in their own time (1 to 2 hours between each seminar). They consist of a combination of background reading and application of knowledge to their own work to draw out learning and deeper reflection.

Course approach

Each seminar typically includes a mix of the following components:

  • Drawing out / exchanging existing experiences / knowledge;
  • Presentation of a framework / approach / skills;
  • Using real life scenarios, putting it into practice through skills exercise in pairs, action learning or mentored small groups with coaching from facilitators;
  • Feedback / learning / reflection from application of new capabilities;
  • Consideration of how participants would adapt behaviours and approaches to use within their specific

Each module will be accompanied by a guide containing the key frameworks, tips and tricks, checklists and templates that participants can use when applying the skills in their professional lives.

Course dates and cost

The cost of the course is: 

  • £1100 for-profit companies and international foundations
  • £750 for NGO / government / UN / social enterprises 

The next training course will take place:

  • TBC
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