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We have officially launched the SDG Partnership Guidebook! 

On 14 July 2020, TPI’s Executive Director Darian Stibbe participated in VNR Lab “Beyond the Voluntary National Reviews: mobilizing support and building national partnerships and officially launched the new publication.

The SDG Partnership Guidebook aims to convey the magic of how multi-stakeholder partnerships at country level can deliver significantly towards the Sustainable Development Goals and provide guidance on how to build robust, effective collaborations that can achieve extraordinary results.

Download the SDG Partnership Guidebook

The Guidebook is the flagship publication of the SDG Partnership Accelerator.

As experienced and aspiring partnership practitioners access the SDG Partnership Guidebook, we welcome feedback via this survey so we can ensure that the Guidebook evolves and remains fit for purpose as we work towards Agenda 2030.

Learn more about the SDG Partnership Guidebook.

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