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It is increasingly clear that in order to solve the challenge of the day (climate change, biodiversity loss, global inequality), we need to work together. 

TPI brings decades of experience in partnering to support the practice and frameworks to support all kinds of organisations. 

We work with individuals, looking to improve their skills, to organizations looking to examine how to become institutionally fit for partnering.  We support partnerships as well as leading the sector in developing global partnering infrastructure. 

How we support you

With 20 years of experience, we provide the support services and training to help you, your organisation and your partnerships to excel.

Fostering partnering excellence through open and bespoke trainings, coaching and communities of practice.

Supporting organisations across sectors to become Fit for Partnering and realise maximum strategic value through partnerships.

Accompanying partnerships through the partnering lifecycle, so they are set up and run to deliver maximum value and impact for all.

Cutting edge programmes

Collaborative, action research programmes, developing the latest thought leadership, theory and practice in specific issues to help shift sector practice.

Global partnering infrastructure

Major initiatives to build individual, organisational and partnership good practice globally at scale

TPI-UN initiative developing the partnership enabling ecosystem to systematically engage business as a partner in sustainable development

Supporting in-country mechanisms to engage stakeholders across sectors, and catalyse partnerships for the SDGs

High level policy inputs on partnerships and engaging business as a development partner, including 10 years of work with the Global Partnerships for Effective Development Cooperation

Our Impact

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