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Niall Marriott


Niall has spent the last 20 years providing consultancy services to government agencies, non-governmental organisations and companies on strategy development and implementation. A particular theme has been stakeholder engagement and cross-sector partnership, providing clients with a range of partnering facilitation, brokering and training services.

Having spent much of his professional life working in entrepreneurial environments and with not-for-profit and for-profit organisations in the early stages of development or new strategic directions, Niall has developed a close understanding of the role that cross-sector collaboration can play in delivering robust and sustainable business strategy, particularly in the context of entering new markets and operating environments.

A passionate concern of Niall’s is the need to apply the same rigour of thought and implementation to partnering as to any other aspect of business strategy and implementation. All too often, relationships billed as partnerships lack the resources and support required to deliver the flow and quality of benefits and outcomes intended either for business or development.

As an Associate of TPI, Niall has designed and delivered programmes for a range of organisations including for UNESCO on Partnerships for Education, and a programme on the extractives industry as a partner in development for BG Group.

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