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Fit for Partnering

An organisational development approach to becoming partner of choice

The 2030 Agenda represents a fundamental shift in thinking in international development, recognising the interconnectedness of prosperous business, a thriving society and a healthy environment. Delivering the SDGs will require an unprecedented level of collaboration across all actors.

However, in general organisations are finding significant internal obstacles – strategic, systemic, capacity and cultural – to scaling up their partnerships ambitions.

In 2018, World Vision set out on an ambitious journey to invest in building its internal capacity in order to become ‘fit for partnering’ – i.e. having in place the right leadership and strategy, systems and processes, staff competencies and a culture that together allow it to maximise its partnering impact.

The report reflects on World Vision’s experience in implementing its Partner of Choice programme, with TPI’s support, to effect the necessary organisational change in its country offices.

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The report includes:

  • an overview of the Partner of Choice programme and six key success factors we’ve gathered from our experience implementing it in 12 countries
  • the critical internal capabilities that country offices are investing in across the four building blocks of Strategy & Leadership, Systems & Processes, Staff & Skills, and Culture
  • stories of new or revitalised partnerships that have emerged as a result of Partner of Choice, including partnerships that are responding to COVID-19
  • three country profiles that give insight into the partnering capabilities developed in our country offices of Indonesia, Sierra Leone, and Lebanon.

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