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Delivering on the Promise

In-country multi-stakeholder platforms to catalyse collaboration and partnerships  for Agenda 2030

Over the past few years both World Vision and The Partnering Initiative have engaged in and contributed to the global dialogue and practice on multi-stakeholder platforms and partnerships – including as part of the post-2015 process.

World Vision and The Partnering Initiative believe multi-stakeholder platforms, particularly at the national level, have an essential role in the delivery of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, not just for their ability to catalyse collaborative efforts, but also for their potential to address complex and ‘wicked’ problems.

As the implementation of Agenda 2030 gets under way, this paper, co-authored by World Vision and The Partnering Initiative, takes a view of the current status of platforms for partnership at the national level and makes concrete proposals on ways to accelerate their progress and contribution to Agenda 2030. This work is based on recent semi-structured interviews with key informants across the stakeholder spectrum, including government, business, civil society and the United Nations.

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