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Partnership support tools

Supporting effective collaboration

Our expanding set of partnering tools has been developed by TPI partnership brokers and experts to support effective collaboration throughout the partnering lifecycle. From designing and building to managing, reviewing, and moving on, these tools and frameworks aim to facilitate the key steps and decisions of the partnering process. 

Stakeholder Mapping

Use this tool early in the scoping phase to identify the organisations and individuals to be engaged with/ taken account of by a potential partnership project. The stakeholder mapping exercise provides a systematic approach to identifying all interested / interesting parties and begins to help to distinguish the roles each of these might take in relation to a new partnership project. 


Partnering Agreement Template

The ideal partnering agreement is designed to capture an agreed collaboration that has been co-created (not imposed by one or other partner). This tool can be used to rate a partnering agreement to ensure it contains all the essential elements to set your partnership up for success. 


Internal Prospective Partnership Assessment

A tool to use during the scoping and building phase, to assess the value, risks and implications of a particular partnership opportunity and inform a go/no-go decision. This tool is used to help organisations assess the value, risks and implications of a partnership in order that they can confidently go ahead, or understand what further information / negotiation / internal alignment is required. 


Value Assessment Framework

This tool should be used during the building phase and throughout the partnering lifecycle, to systematically assess what value might be or is being created through a partnership approach, and at what cost.



A tool to support partners to deal with internal partnering challenges, during all phases of the partnership. 


Managing Power Imbalances

This tool will help partners acknowledge, identify and explore sources of power and design appropriate mechanisms to address, and actions to mitigate, problematic power imbalances. 


Partnership Health Check

Monitoring the health and therefore the efficiency of the partnership’s setup, operation and processes is as important as monitoring its achievements. This tool sets out indicators of partnership “good health”, together with a suggested approach for the partnership to collectively undertake a review workshop. 

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