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Joanna Pyres


Joanna has over 20 years experience providing capacity building, advisory services and partnership brokering to multi-stakeholder sustainable development partnerships across Asia, Africa and Europe. She is at ease with high level corporate and government representatives as well as grassroot communities and changemakers and is passionate about empowering individuals from all walks of life to realise their potential as agents of collaborative change.

Joanna is a warm and engaging learning facilitator, trainer and coach who is highly skilled in designing and facilitating interactive in-person and online learning experiences including technical set up and management of webinar platforms and online shared canvases such as Mural, Miro, Jamboard etc. Recent clients include Johnson & Johnson, CIFF, Dutch Enterprise Agency, Catalysts (India) amongst others.

Joanna also facilitates online or in person partnership building, brokering and facilitation processes for partnerships of all sizes as an accredited partnership broker Recent clients include the Governments of Australia and Vietnam, a sustainable natural rubber platform in South East Asia, a small family business in Bangalore amongst others.


As a practitioner of Participatory Leadership practices, Joanna delivers team building, organisational problem-solving, and stakeholder consultations and dialogues in contexts as diverse as a small Indian organic farm to the Goa State Circular economy strategy stakeholder consultations and the EU-India Affordable sustainable modernisation partnership.

As a partnership advisor, Joanna supports organisations to create partnership-friendly systems, strategies and tools and is diligent at producing knowledge products and publications

Joanna supports collaborative action platforms to get established and run effectively and has supported collaborative business platforms (such as Business Action on homelessness, Engage in Europe), as well as local people-focused sustainability platforms (such as ActforGoa)

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