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Ian Dixon


As well as being an associate of TPI, Ian is the Founder and Principal of DIXON Partnering Solutions (DPS), an organisation specializing in creating, developing and sustaining effective cross sector partnerships.

Ian Dixon is a global leader in transformational partnering, a strategic advisor and an experienced Board Director. As Principal and Managing Director of DIXON Partnering Solutions, Ian has built the Australian company that has pioneered the practice and process of transformational partnering in the Asia Pacific Region since 1999.

Ian is passionate about the need for people to be able to work together differently to create solutions to solve our tough economic, social and environmental problems. He believes that we will need to find new and innovative ways of working together and develop high level partnering skills if we are to meet these challenges.

Ian has enabled clients from the business, government, education and community sectors to undertake complex cross sector partnerships. Ian has also performed independent reviews, strategic planning and direction setting, facilitated complex negotiations in remote areas, coached and mentored people in partnerships and executive management and provided high level training in partnering skills.

Ian’s passion for learning from and preserving our Indigenous culture sets him apart as a champion for real, lasting and meaningful change.

Ian is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Foundation Member of the Leaders Institute of South Australia

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