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In association with the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business, TPI has just published a new tool, the Inclusive Business Checklist: The ‘go/no-go’ decision for an inclusive business partnership.

Partnerships play a critical role in inclusive business (IB). However, inevitably they involve risk and can often suffer high transaction costs. This tool is used to help companies assess the value, risks and implications of a partnership in order that they can confidently go ahead, know that more information or negotiation is required, or decide not to proceed.

This checklist outlines eight essential criteria for moving forward with a partnership, from a clear partnering imperative and significant predicted added value, to sufficient internal and external resources as well as capacity and commitment, to, finally, acceptable or mitigated risks and a good strategic fit.

This is the third in a series of checklists produced for the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business – previously published checklists were: Why go it alone? How partnerships can help a company address constraints to inclusive business, and the How to develop a Partnering Agreement. In 2016 TPI also collaborated with the Practitioner Hub to produce a new online resource for inclusive business practitioners, the Know-How Page on Partnerships for Innovation on the Practitioner Hub website.

Download the checklist

Visit the know-how page on partnerships for inclusive business

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Julia Gilbert Senior Programme Manager and Knowledge Lead

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