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Webinar 27 March 11am EDT  / 3pm UK – register now 

We are delighted to be joining Impact Entrepreneur and for this webinar that forms part of their Building an Impact Economy series.

Optimising the impact economy and its ecosystem that supports social and environmental impact-driven organisations depends on unlocking the full potential of collaboration. The ideas, resources, skills and experience already exist to meet the ambitious goals set out in Agenda 2030, but too often they are disconnected and separate. Silo mentalities, competitiveness and duplication of effort are creating blockages to sustainability. Collaboration not only has the potential to increase organisational advantage, but also create broader societal value that can’t otherwise be achieved.

We have witnessed early signs of impact investors, foundations and entrepreneurs collaborating in order to foster greater innovation and deliver increased impact at scale. Yet there is potential to do so much more. To help us explore effective collaboration in the impact space, and to look at practical ways individuals, organisations and networks can partner, Impact Entrepreneur welcomes two of the world’s leading organisations in partnership building.

This unique, interactive webinar features Dave Prescott from The Partnering Initiative and Avary Kent of Leveraging their combined decades of collaboration and partnership experience, Dave and Avary will introduce participants to the key ingredients required to achieve effective collaboration. They will explore:

  • individual skillsets and mindsets, and
  • organizational cultures and ways of working

Participants will have the opportunity to join online breakout rooms where they will gain awareness of one another’s work and find opportunities for alignment and quick, achievable, collaborative actions.

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AVARY KENT is a serial Social Entrepreneur with deep expertise in making ideas a reality. Currently she is the Founding Executive Director of building the impact ecosystem through more effective convening, accelerators, and mapping initiatives. Her expertise in experience design supports her clients in the development of participant focused events integrating human-centered design techniques that deliver outstanding feedback and results. As a world-class on-site facilitator she has worked with politicians, academics, cyber security experts, factory owners and workers, Fortune 100 brands, investors, and foundation leaders. She is adept at navigating challenging conversations and supporting groups towards productive dialogue and action. She was also the co-founder of ImpactAlpha, The Happiness Institute, and Puzzlebox LLC. She received a BS in Genetics and Geobotanical Field Ecology from George Washington University and an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University.

DAVE PRESCOTT is a Senior Advisor to The Partnering Initiative, and an independent consultant with over 20 years’ diverse international experience in sustainability and cross-sector partnership, with a focus on the role of the private sector in development. Dave’s expertise ranges across multiple areas relevant to the SDGs, both in terms of development issues – particularly energy, health, and education – as well as partnership management. Throughout his career, Dave has sought to create effective collaborations across multiple levels, from global policy and strategy through to local community-based action.

Dave has brought his wide-ranging skills of evaluation, research and analysis, training and facilitation, strategic communications, thought-leadership and development of practical tools and operational guidance to many business networks and associations, such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the International Council on Mining and Metals and the International Business Leaders Forum. He has also worked with various international partnerships and intergovernmental bodies on assignments relating to private sector engagement, including the Global Partnership for Education, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

CONVENERS.ORG is a 501(c)(3) organisation whose mission is to support the diverse ecosystem of impact-focused conveners and accelerators to advance their work by offering resources that allow them to convene and collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

Impact Entrepreneur’s Building an Impact Economy Webinar Series features presentations, conversations and panel discussions with the leading individuals and organizations in impact investing and entrepreneurship.

This webinar series and its companion series, Luminarias, are co-sponsored by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors as part of its Scaling Solutions Initiative.

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Julia Gilbert Senior Programme Manager and Knowledge Lead

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