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On 23 February 2021, the second webinar of the Global Webinar Series, organized by Division for the SDGs/UN DESA and The Partnering Initiative took place with an incredible line-up of speakers from Singapore, Mexico, Germany, Kenya and Sri Lanka. The event explored how Partnership platforms are key national mechanisms for generating and brokering new partnerships, providing coherence and coordination among stakeholders, and aligning investments for SDG implementation.

Welcome: Ms. Loa Tähtinen, Chief, Outreach and Partnerships, Division for SDGs, UN DESA
Kick-off presentation: Mr. Dave Prescott, Creative Director, The Partnering Initiative
Moderator: Ms. Christy Davis, Executive Director Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore Management University


  • Ms. Regina Macari Ponce, 2030 Agenda Coordinator, Government of Yucatán, Mexico
  • Ms. Hannah Janetschek, German Council for Sustainable Development
  • Mr. Arif Neky, Senior Advisor UN Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, UN RC Office Kenya
  • Mr. Uchita de Zoysa, Executive Director Centre for Environment & Development (CED), Sri Lanka Stakeholder SDG Platform

Read a summary of the second webinar.

The event also served as the moment to officially launch the report: Partnership Platforms for the SDGs, which draws good practices from several in-country partnership platforms that are evolving around the world, seemingly having a great impact and potential for accelerating progress of the SDGs. The report is designed for decision-makers and their advisors within governments and the UN system who are looking to more systematically drive partnerships for the SDGs, potentially through national-level, multi-stakeholder partnership platforms for the SDGs.

Learn more about the report.

Click here to learn more about the SDG Partnership Accelerator.

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