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Atieno Odenyo


Based in Kenya, Atieno has 25+ years in international development with governments, UN agencies, bilateral development partners, NGOs etc. With a focus on system strengthening in the social sector, Atieno applies her technical knowledge in child protection, HIV, SRHR, migration, SGBV, gender, human rights, with results-based planning and management, capacity development, partnership, and organizational strengthening; to support multi stakeholder collaboration to deliver on improved outcomes for vulnerable children, families and communities.

Atieno works as an independent consultant with TPI and several likeminded consultancy companies/organizations to facilitate these processes in countries in Eastern, Southern and West Africa, South and East Asia, the Pacific, and Europe, supporting multi-stakeholder collaboration through managing and providing support to strengthen leadership, convening, and partnership management roles of various institutions.  She is passionate about the social service workforce, and through work with Maestral International (, supports a range of partners in countries, regionally and globally in the institutionalization and professionalization of the social service workforce; strengthening of child protection systems, care reforms and social services delivery within decentralized systems.

Atieno has an interest in empowering individuals and supporting capacity development processes, with expertise in curriculum development for various audiences, training of social services workforce in public/non-public sectors; experience with the development of and leading online training, including with audiences not familiar with online applications and limited digital literacy.

Atieno has a BA in International Development Studies and Political Science, University of Toronto and a MSc in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries, London School of Economics.

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