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Anne Marie van Bolhuis


Anne Marie is an international consultant with 30 years of experience in diplomacy and international development. She has an extensive track record in dealing with multi-dimensional complexities that require innovative solutions, ranging from negotiating peace deals or international resolutions to designing, managing or evaluating development programs.

With her diverse background she can play a role as inspirer, designer, co-creator, critical sparring partner or fly on the wall in finding new alliances or improving existing partnerships creating sustainable results owned by stakeholders and adapted to local realities. Her experience within the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs is of added value in understanding donor-behavior in partnering.

Anne Marie coordinated the Netherlands co-chairmanship (with Mexico and Malawi) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation promoting multi-stakeholder partnering and youth inclusive approaches. The summit in Nairobi and its Declaration in 2016 inspired the international community and especially private sector to embrace partnerships as pivotal for the SDG agenda. She also was the main architect of PROSPECTS, an agile and adaptive country-led, results-based partnership for people on the move and their hosts, with the World Bank, International Finance Cooperation, International Labour Organization, UNICEF, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Netherlands government.

Anne Marie holds a MSc in agricultural economics, a BSc in animal husbandry and followed the International Program for Development Evaluation Training and the Complexity and Leadership course at the Santa Fe Institute.

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