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Anna Hirsch-Holland

Programme Director for Funder Impact

With more than 13 years’ experience in the humanitarian and development sectors, Anna brings a unique perspective and skill set to the field of cross-sector partnerships, where she focusses on the role of funders in driving inclusive collaboration. 

Anna’s field-based experience centred around developing innovative initiatives that put local communities – particularly grassroots organizations and vulnerable populations – in the driving seat to prioritise and solve problems. Anna has also worked to support the coordination mechanisms and institutional change required to allow donors, governments, and civil society to work better together, and to make them accountable to the stakeholders they serve. She has worked with humanitarian organisations including the British Red Cross and the Norwegian Refugee Council, and supported the partnership efforts of institutional donors such as DFID/FCDO, as well as a growing number of private funders including the Z Zurich Foundation and the Jacobs Foundation. 

A skilled facilitator, Anna is experienced in helping organisations and individuals to understand the challenges they face, as well as their unique value and ambitions for change, using these to map out pathways for success. Alongside this, she is adept in research and M&E methods (including survey design and analysis); development of tools and guidance; and programme and grant management. 

Anna lives in a 17th Century cottage on the outskirts of Oxford, and when not trying to keep up with her energetic toddler, she enjoys running, baking, and learning niche languages. 


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